Day 1, Challenge 1 – Selling a Home

This is all fun stuff when you are helping someone to sell their home, but when it comes to your own – oh, my!
We were in the this house for almost 8 years and it is getting a bit to small for the kids who keep on growing, besides it is way too far from the swimmig pool where my eldest baby practices 9 times a week. Long Branch is not what it used to be, old city charm is going away and this morning I got another reason to get out of here – St Paul's Church of Long Branch is being sold and there is a big chance it will go down and will be replaced with probably some high density residential. So sad, kiddos used to play piano and guitar there, it was also such an amazing landmark!
Anyways, the decision is made and we have to be out by the end of August with the house going on the market May 28th. Not sure, how we are going to swing it around, as right no it looks like a complete disaster

This is THE basement…..

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