Foody Thursday – Cherry Cheese Dessert

Yay, Foody Thursdays are back! Very easy to make dessert that could also be used as filling for cakes and pastries, and I will show you how next week, but for now – Cherry Cheese Dessert!

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Day 8, Selling a House – Office Remodelling

For heavens sake, how many cords do you need to set up one home office? It took me an hour just to get all of these disconnected, I wonder how long would it take my husband to put it all back together…..

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Hey, You! – Take Your Shoes Off!

As I already mentioned on FB yesterday, I had the most silly experience with the Home Seller yesterday. While myself and my buyer client were touring the house, home Seller grabed our shoes that were left by the front door and parked them outside the front door, right on the busy sidewalk in downtown Toronto.

While some of my friends thought it was a pure outrage, I find it kind of funny, especially considering the fact that the house was not clean at all and we should have just kept our shoes on.

Now, this is what I wanted to discuss for the longer time – shoes issue.

1. Slip ons – I was thinking whether I should get those plastic slip ons to go over your shoes, but then, what if the client slips in those and falls?

2. Putting that "Remove your shoes" sign – Dear Seller, please, have mercy, make sure you have the right to do so, meaning, your house is clean enough, nothing is crawling in the basement, random nails are not sticking out and there are no puddles of water on the floor.

3. I was diligently asking my clients to bring spare pair of inside shoes, but sometimes they just come straight from work or just simply forget.

4. I was offered slippers by the Seller before – no, thank you

5. I always have a spare pair in a car but I feel bad wearing it when my client goes barefoot.

Such a shoe dilemma πŸ™‚ And dont take this post seriously – I am just thinking out loud πŸ™‚

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Day 6, Selling a House – Lets Check the Competition in the Area – Long Branch

When you are getting your home ready for sale, you'd beeter keep your eyes open for all of the competition in the area. The very worst you could do with your listing – overprice it and scare away all the potential buyers. So, what does the real estate situation look like in Long Branch?

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Day 4, Selling a Home – What Do you do with Your Unused Paint?

I found tons of unused paint in the closet – anything from half can to 1/8 of can in various shades and colours. What do you do with all the treasure? Cant just Β throw it in the garbage, as household paint is considered toxic waste, so had to find a drop off facility – everything has to be a challenge….
Paint Recycling.jpg
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