Day 3, Challenge 1 – Selling a House – Light Fixtures

I will never grow tired of saying how important is installing good light fixtures in getting the best price for your home. Light fixture does not have to cost you a fortune, it just has to serve its purpose – bring light inside the room.

We had a very cool and unique chandelier in the dining room. It was also old. And it was burning light bulbs like crazy. And I am still positive that the ginny will come out if you rub it. But now it took its honorable place outside the house.
First picture – is a new one. Now you could actually see properly in our dining room!

It always surprises me how little attention home sellers are paying to their light fixtures, while they are the ones bringing life inside the house. Here are few things that really bother me as buyer's agent and as a home buyer.

1. Dirty, dusty light fixtures – yes, I am tall enough and can see what is crawling inside your chandellier. You cleaned your floors – please, be so kind, clean your light fixtures. Also, filthy light fixtures are casting weird shadows on the walls, floors and furniture, creating weird dark spots and could make the potential buyer think that the problem is in the paint job or floor discoloration.

2. Non-working light fixtures, missing light bulbs – if it is not working – it should not be up there! Fix it, switch it or remove it altogether.

3. Mismatched light fixtures – often you walk into a million dollar home, nicely done and upgraded but light fixtures look cheap and outdated. As I said above  – your chadelliers dont have to be super expensive and if they are – you can alsways exclude them on the listing and take them with you to enjoy in your new home.

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – delivering Wealth of Real Estate!


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