Day 4, Selling a Home – What Do you do with Your Unused Paint?

I found tons of unused paint in the closet – anything from half can to 1/8 of can in various shades and colours. What do you do with all the treasure? Cant just  throw it in the garbage, as household paint is considered toxic waste, so had to find a drop off facility – everything has to be a challenge….
Paint Recycling.jpg

There is a city program called “Orange Drop” – here is a quick link for you! You could always go there, enter your postal code and a type of hazardous material you have to get rid off and it will give you a list of close-by companies that would accept your waste. Here you go!1. Home Depot – the largest and most known home renovation store – DOES NOT participate in this Orange Drop program. Nice, right? Buy from us – recycle somewhere else! And this is precisely where I was getting all the paint – not anymore though….

2. Lowes – in it, but will only accept the paint you bought from them.

3. Rona – in it, but according to the lady with terrified voice who answered the phone, they have limitations. To learn about “limitations” I was placed on a permanent hold, gave up after 15 minutes and hang up.

4. City of Toronto – has a bunch of location where you could drop your hazardous waste, but it appears to be on a “per event” basis. The closest event I was able to find starts June 6. Sorry, I dont feel like tripping over the paint cans for another month….

5. And finally, Akzo Nobel (ICI Paints)!!!! Very polite fellow answered all my questions, said they are accepting all kinds of paint, no matter were you bought it, he also mentioned, that if paint completely dried out inside the can, it is no longer considered hazardous waste and could go into a regular black garbage. At the end, I was told that they also run a promotion now – buy one gallon of paint – get second one free – good to know!

Now, 10 points will go to however could guess where I am buying my paint from now on!

Happy painting!
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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – delivering Wealth of Real Estate!


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