4641 Thomas Alton Blvd, Burlington, Ontario L7M0L9

Large 3 bedroom semidetached house for sale in Burlington, Alton, Appleby/Dundas

4641 Thomas Alton Blvd
Burlington,Ontario L7M0L9
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Source: 4641 Thomas Alton Blvd, Burlington, Ontario L7M0L9


56 Bigham Cres, Toronto, Ontario M9C5C6

Upgraded 3 bedroom detached house for sale in Toronto, Etobicoke, Eringate-Centennial-West Deane, Centennial Park, Renforth & Eglinton

56 Bigham Cres
Toronto,Ontario M9C5C6
See more: http://marinag.ca/Property/Toronto-Ontario/6480842-56-Bigham-Cres-Toronto-Ontario-W3510120

Source: 56 Bigham Cres, Toronto, Ontario M9C5C6

Pretend You’re A Buyer

An effective technique to help you sell your property quickly and for the best price is to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Don’t just visualize this. Actually do it!

Drive to your property and imagine that you’re seeing it for the first time. What’s your impression? Is the landscaping attractive? Are the walkways clear? Is the front door welcoming?

Now walk up to the front door, open it, and step inside. Does the foyer seem neat and uncluttered? Is there anything unsightly from that vantage point?

Take a walk through your home, starting in rooms that a potential buyer would predictably view first: the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Do you notice anything you could change or improve, that would make those areas more appealing?

Next, check out the washrooms, closets and basement. Are they clean and tidy?

Finally, think about the price you want for the home. As a buyer, would you be enticed to make an offer at that level? Are there any nagging doubts about the property that would hold you back?

Understanding the impression your home will make on potential buyers will help you sell it faster.

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2572 Lundene Rd, Mississauga, Ontario L5J1P8

Renovated 3 bedroom semidetached house for sale in Mississauga, Clarkson

2572 Lundene Rd
Mississauga,Ontario L5J1P8
See more: http://marinag.ca/Property/Mississauga-Ontario/6474781-2572-Lundene-Rd-Mississauga-Ontario-W3508176

Source: 2572 Lundene Rd, Mississauga, Ontario L5J1P8

2929 Aquitaine Ave, Unit 301, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 2C7

2 bedroom + den condo for sale in Mississauga, Meadowvale

2929 Aquitaine Ave, Unit 301
Mississauga,Ontario L5C 2C7
– See more at: http://marinag.ca/Property/Mississauga-Ontario/6448762-2929-Aquitaine-Ave-Unit-301-Mississauga-Ontario-W3504376

Source: 2929 Aquitaine Ave, Unit 301, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 2C7

1977 Hindhead Rd, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1N8

3 bedroom detached house with large lot for sale in Mississauga, Clarkson

1977 Hindhead Rd
Mississauga,Ontario L5J 1N8
See more: http://marinag.ca/Property/Mississauga-Ontario/6457043-1977-Hindhead-Rd-Mississauga-Ontario-W3505522

Source: 1977 Hindhead Rd, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1N8

3600 Colonial Dr, Unit 95, Mississauga, Ontario L5L5P5

Renovated 2+1 bedroom condo townhouse for sale in Mississauga, Erin Mills

3600 Colonial Dr, Unit 95
Mississauga,Ontario L5L5P5
– See more at: http://marinag.ca/Property/Mississauga-Ontario/6464685-3600-Colonial-Dr-Unit-95-Mississauga-Ontario-W3507468

Source: 3600 Colonial Dr, Unit 95, Mississauga, Ontario L5L5P5