1353 Sheldon Ave, Oakville, Ontario L6L2P9

Renovated 3 bedroom detached house with pool for sale in Bronte East, Oakville

1353 Sheldon Ave
Oakville,Ontario L6L2P9
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Source: 1353 Sheldon Ave, Oakville, Ontario L6L2P9


475 Seabourne Dr, Oakville, Ontario L6L4E9

Custom built 4 bedroom detached house on large lot for sale in South Oakville, Bronte East

475 Seabourne Dr
Oakville,Ontario L6L4E9
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Source: 475 Seabourne Dr, Oakville, Ontario L6L4E9

1138 Bridge Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L2B9

3 bedroom bungalow on large lot for sale in Oakville, Bronte East

1138 Bridge Rd
Oakville,Ontario L6L2B9
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Source: 1138 Bridge Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L2B9

407 Winston Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L4W7

Huge lot 89x128f, Builders Dream 3 bedroom detached house with pool for sale in Oakville, Bronte East

407 Winston Rd
Oakville,Ontario L6L4W7
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Source: 407 Winston Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L4W7

1127 Bridge Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L2B6

3 bedroom detached house for sale on large lot in Oakville, Bronte East

1127 Bridge Rd
Oakville,Ontario L6L2B6
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Source: 1127 Bridge Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L2B6

250 Westdale Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L4Z9

Custom Luxury 6300sq.ft. 5 bedroom house for sale in Oakville, Bronte East, Lakeshore

250 Westdale Rd
Oakville,Ontario L6L4Z9
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Source: 250 Westdale Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L4Z9

1326 Rebecca St, Oakville, Ontario L6L1Z4

Custom built 4 bedroom house for sale with huge lot in Oakville, Bronte East

1326 Rebecca St
Oakville,Ontario L6L1Z4
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Source: 1326 Rebecca St, Oakville, Ontario L6L1Z4