6-Month Anniversary and Merry Christmas Everyone

December 25-th right on the Christmas day my blog is turning 6 month old – "baby" is getting quite independent, learned to smile, can sit and turn around 🙂 But still depends on his "Mom" a lot! We are growing and learning together! Happy anniversary to my "baby" and Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating catholic Christmas once again!

Merry Christmas

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Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Santa Claus, The Miracle

My usual Tuesday post about Successful People, well, not so usual today! We were waiting to talk to this fellow for the whole long year and managed to catch him just moments before he hopped into his sled to deliver the gifts to all the good children (and adults) of the world! Open your hearts to Mr. Santa Claus!


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It is Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas – Kids are Home, Day 1.

So, Christmas Holidays have officially started, kids are home!

1. I am not getting anything done – whatever usually takes me 10 min, took 3 hours today.

2. Kitchen is a mess, entire house looks like a disaster.

3. I got chicken noodle home made soup for lunch! My daughter made it – I cleaned the pots (there was at least 600 of them)

4. My dog is not bored – happy to have his playmates all to himself, barks his head off.

5. My Instagram using abilities suck – per my son. I am getting some free classes over Christmas – bonus!!!

6. I don't have to go out in the cold to start a car – there is a fight for the keys!

7. We still did not put up the Christmas lights and this nasty inner voice tells me I will be drugged out to do it today, in spite of all the ice and ugliness.

8. We are running out of food, a week supply is gone, might need to stop by the grocery store today.

9. My son did not write a letter to Santa this year! Asking me how Santa is going to know what he wants. I am not sure what I should say.

10. We only have 2 computers at home, and my laptop is one of those and apparently I've been using it way too long and it is my daughter's turn now!

Chat later!

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Wrap a Perfect Gift for Christmas – DIY Brilliance and Perfection

I love giving gifts, making them or buying them, thinking of something unique and exciting. But wrapping gifts never was a priority, well, I always found it a bit boring…. But looks like this year I will really enjoy the process with this new video from Robertson Design Studio!
Creating wonderful picture is a lot, but you also have to give it a good frame! Agree?

Wishing you Happy Wrapping and Cheers!

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Cookie Drive – I am starting Tomorrow

Something makes me think I am ready for my Christmas cookie drive.

This year featuring:

1. Gingerbread Snowflakes

2. Lemon and Poppyseed Shortbread

3. My special glazed shortbread

4. Brysselkex

5. Honey Oatmeal Raisin

I will get all the recipes out by the end of the year, hopefully. And tomorrow I am starting in Oakville! Mississauga on Wednesday and Long Branch, Alderwood and New Toronto Thursday and Friday. See ya there!

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10 Gifts that Touched My Heart

It is not easy being Santa, not easy coming up with a gift that will be memorable, valued and needed. You really have to step in someone else's shoes and change your way of thinking, it takes a lot of learning, quite a bit of self-sacrifice and constant urge for perfection. But being Santa is also the most rewarding thing in the world. And it has nothing to do with the cost of your gift in money equivalent, just time and thought and some energy.
I thought, I would share with you some of the best gifts I've ever got and hopefully it would give you some idea of the gifts for your loved ones.


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My Unique Message to My Friends

I think I am having an originality crisis. Everything standard, systematized and out-of-box seems to annoy me tremendously. Just to give an example – I can't find blank post cards anywhere. You know, the good, old-school blank greeting cards? They disappeared.

All cards they sell out there today, already have some pre-printed silliness on them. And the most upsetting thing – the message is right in the middle of the card, so there is no room for my message. And I am full of messages, wishes and cute little drawings that I need to get across to my friends, clients and family.

What is the point of pre-printed messages? I am not getting it. If you have nothing to say to your respondent – just say nothing at all. Time is one of the most precious things we have – so, can't we spend some of it along with some effort and thought when picking our holiday gifts and sending our Christmas greetings? I am 100% sure it would be more appreciated!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
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