Creative Home Designs – Furniture, Part 3

Show me your furniture and I will tell you who you are! Minimalistic, conservative, bright and bold, classy or  modern, what is that you like?

CHerry Armchair

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Creative Home Designs – 3D Floors

Just imagine – your floor could be anything, literally anything, from green spring meadow to crazy cascades of waterfalls! 3D Floors is nothing but polymeric decorative covering for your existing floors. Manufactures claim, that this type of floors is easy to install, wear and water resistant, smooth and flat, easy to clean. Some of them look a little extreme, but let's check it out!

1. Waterfalls in the living room!


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Creative Home Designs – Doors!

It has been a while since we had a good laugh  –  hours, or even days! heck out this awesome selection of designer's doors. Do you think you could live with something that outstanding? I feel like my traditional door is way boring now!

1. Broken Door – cracks appear quite realistic, I would be afraid to even touch this structure!

Broken Door

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Creative Home Designs – Chandeliers – And Truly Ugly They Are – Part II

You know my passion for home design and just art, beauty and harmony in general. So, when I come across something lovely, I cant help it and share. Also, when I come cross something that I truly hate, I start wondering, am I the only one? Someone obviously created it and someone is using it…. So, may be it is awesome?
Fresh collection of light fixtures – for you!

1. Adults only – no comments….


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