5 Secrets To Selecting Interior Lighting

Lighting is, perhaps, the most important element in decorating. The right lamp, chandelier or ceiling fixture can instantly make a room more attractive and inviting. The wrong lighting, unfortunately, can have the opposite effect.

Here are five secrets to making the right choice:

  1. How much lighting is required in a room? To calculate, simply multiply the square footage by 1.5. Therefore, a 12′ x 16′ living room would require 288 watts of lighting (12 x 16 x 1.5 = 288).
  2. How big a chandelier do you need? Simply add the dimensions of the room together. So a 12′ x 16′ area could accommodate a chandelier that is 28 inches in diameter (12 + 16 = 28).
  3. How far apart should lighting fixtures be installed in a hallway? Experts say that ideally a light should be positioned every 8 to 10 feet.
  4. How do I create ambience? In the dining area for example, select a light fixture that can accommodate a dimmer switch. The ambiance of the room improves if you can soften the lighting during meals or when entertaining.
  5. Using floor lamps? The bottom of the lampshade should be around 42 inches from the floor.

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Alderwood, Etobicoke Creek – Parks and Trails

Summer this year made us wait for quite a bit, but now when it hits – it hits hard. If you cant think of anything but shade and water – I've got a perfect place for you! Today I will invite you to Alderwood Trail.

Summer in Alderwood

Even though it is located almost in the heart of the city not many know about it. But those who do, can't underestimate its beauty!

Etobicoke Creek

Going along the eastern shore of Etobicoke Creek, Alderwood Trail is a prefect place for a bike ride, rollerblading or just a walk, and your four-legged barking furry friends will also love it.

Etobicoke Creek

It starts a Marie Curtis Park, South of Lakeshore, on the border of Etobicoke and Mississauga and goes all the way to Sherway Gardens.

Bike Trail

I've also heard that Etobicoke Creek is full of fish, not sure though, if its legal to fish there. But fishing or not it is a must see place. And when you are there, as Garry Jenkins used to say: "Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!" Or whatever those little flowers are called. Enjoy!

Summer is in the air!


Foody Thursday – Potato Pancakes!

As a true daughter of my land, which is Ukraine, I totally have to get this recipe out. There has been endless arguments as to whether this belongs to Ukrainian or Belorussian cuisine. But I am pretty positive – Ukrainian.

Garth Miller, you especially Sir – enjoy! 🙂


As usual, a list of the ingredients:


Eggs – 3
Flour – 1 cup
Garlic – minced for garnish
Sour cream – a lot
Oil – I use sunflower – for frying
Potatoes and onions normally have to be grated on a small grater, but I am lazy – so blender it is! Ninja is the one I am using if you are curious 🙂 Add eggs, salt, pepper, flour to your grated or blended potato-onion mixture, stir well. Ready butter would look as below

Ready butter

Now get your frying pans out – the bigger – the better. I use 2 at a time. But Garth can start with one, LOL. Heat up the frying pans, add about 1 tsp of oil and spoon your potato pancake mixture. When the edges on the pancake turn golden – flip over! Just like this:

Ready for the frying Pan

Mince garlic over hot pancakes and serve immediately with veggies and lots of sour cream.
And here is a kiddy version of a plate. Enjoy!!!

Kiddie Version

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My Report on Night Club Berlin

Happy Canada Day to Everyone again!
Now to our night time adventure….
Well, we had fun indeed. We don’t go clubbing too ofter I shall admit, and part of the reason – we are picky. But Berlin did not disappoint. First off all here is the link: www.berlinnightclub.com.
It is quite easy to find – on the plaza right across from IKEA, but we still got lost and still blaming GPS for this. Got to the club around 11 (made on-line reservations 3 days ahead) and were told at the door that our reservation request was not received as it takes more then 3 days to process!!! Yay, age of technology – next time we will send a donkey with the reservation request tied up to his tail. Apparently the club was not packed – so they let us in. Funny part – fellow at the door counted us (there were 6 of us not an easy task, shall I say) and gave everyone a little blue ticket (we were not asked to pay anything at the time), then he escorted us upstairs, where another fellow (in the presence of the first one re-counted us and took our blue tickets away) – like one of us could have had a chance to get lost or turn into a pumpkin while we were making it upstairs. Still can’t wrap ma mind around this procedure…
It went much better after that – decor was lovely, photographs on the walls were quite pieces of art – I am a big fan of this kind of photography. We were served by a lady who introduced herself as Crystal – very pleasant, intelligent and bright. And very attractive, as agreed all 3 guys in our group!
Oh, almost forgot to mention – if you buy a bottle – you get a table, either inside or out on the patio. We got the patio one -it was a little cold, but they had these gas burning things going, and it wasn’t as crazy loud as inside. After midnight the club got pretty packed. They have an age limitations – 23 and up. Web-site says they have dress code, but I’ve seen guys in jeans and T-s, no track-pants though, wew… Music was ok, we stayed till about 2. And yes, I would definitely go there again! And yes, I would recommend it to my friends!
Now, my question is – is this a good or bad thing for our area of choice for this week – Centennial Park – not to have one of these night clubs in the immediate proximity? You are welcome to share your thoughts here. See you soon!