Tiny Chefs Club Meeting – Class 5 – Speaking Russian, Trying on Chefs Hats and Making Pelmeni

Class 5 with the Tiny Chefs was outstanding! The main event – our wondeful, creative Mom Katya started Russian Class with Tiny Chefs. Yes, this is the language we speak during our classes, some better, some not that much, but this is not the point – now all the little chefs have the opportunity to perfect their reading, writing and speaking skills along with hearing some amazing stories.
Other event, not as significant as the previous, but still fun – Tiny Chefs got their new Chef Hats – don't they all look amazing?
And then we cooked a bit and had fun eating what we cooked, and even played some soccer afterwards!
More pics and video below
Tiny Chefs - Class 5

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Tiny Chefs Club Meeting – Class 4 – Yeast Dough

At our Class 4 Tiny Chefs learned how to make yeast dough from scratch – they mixed all the ingredients, watched the dough raise and grow, learned to form round buns, flower buns with jam, porcupines and braids.

Tiny Chefs - Class 4

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Tiny Chefs Club Meeting – Class 2 – Fruit and Vegetable Decorations

I would like to thank all of my 8 tiny chefs who came on Sunday and worked very hard at mastering their fruit and vegetable decorations (may the video below bring some happy memories). We learned how to make:
1. Orange Spider
2. Pear Porcupine
3. Healthy Apple Cupcake
4. Cute tomato-cucumber mushrooms
Hope, your fruit and vegetable salads will never look boring again and see you all next Sunday – we will be making crepes and pancakes!

Tiny Chefs - Class 2

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Tiny Chefs Club Meeting – Day 1

I still can't believe they were quite and paying attention for the whole 3 hours! It was great experience – we baked pastries, and performed some kitchen experiments, learned safety rules. My little bakers now know where hot air goes from the oven and why you don't leak your fingures, they know how baking soda works and why merengue dough is so puffy! Hey, parents, do you know all of this stuff? We might need a session for you as well! For now – enjoy a quick video of our cooking in progress!


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“Prestige Toronto 2013” Award Ceremony at City Hall

First ever Award Ceremony for "Prestige Toronto 2013" took place at Toronto City Hall on June 10th 2014. Feeling so proud to know all of you ladies and gentlemen! Oleg FastDeer – amazing video. You are always hiding behind the camera, but here – I caught you! Just a part of organizing committee here – some folks are missing 😦

Prestige Organizing Commitee

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!