Dealing With A Home Inspection Issue

As you may know, it’s common to include a home inspection as a condition of an offer you make. It protects you from issues that you might not otherwise see during a viewing.

What do you do if the home inspector finds something wrong? The inspector might find a leak in the foundation, or windows that are old, drafty and need replacing.

Must you pass on a property that you otherwise like?

Not necessarily. Just because the home inspector discovered a deficiency doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t purchase the home. You should, however, bring the issue up with the seller.

Your REALTOR® will do that on your behalf, and look after your interests.

In many circumstances, your REALTOR® will be able to negotiate an agreement that is satisfactory to everyone involved. This will usually be in the form of a reduction in the sale price to cover some or all of the costs of the repair, or a requirement to have the seller get the repairs done before you move in.

So don’t worry if the inspector finds something wrong. Chances are you can still get the home and have any issues dealt with to your satisfaction.

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Stay or move? How to decide

Do you sometimes review the real estate ads in your local paper? Do you drive by an open house sign and feel the urge to stop and check it out? Those are common indications that, at least on some level, you’re thinking about the possibility of making a move.

But how do you decide if you should actually move?

The first step is to consider whether there are any practical reasons to consider buying a new home. What’s pushing you in that direction?

  • Is your current home too small for your needs?
  • Is the commute to work, for you or your spouse, too long? (Perhaps longer than you expected when you purchased the home?)
  • Are there property features you would now like to have, such as a larger backyard or a more spacious kitchen?
  • Has the neighbourhood changed in an undesirable way?
  • Do you have personal reasons for wanting to move, such as a desire to be closer to relatives in another area?

Carefully consider those things that can’t change unless you move. For example, if a major highway was recently built near you, the ongoing sound of traffic isn’t going to go away. It’s now part of the neighbourhood.

If there are no practical reasons for moving, there may still be other reasons for wanting a new home. You may want to move your family to a better neighbourhood, with better schools or you may simply want a bigger home, with a larger backyard, more rooms, and a wider driveway.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with simply wanting a better place than the one you have now. In fact, that is a common reason why many people make a move.

The point is, if you’ve been thinking about a new home for a while, perhaps now is the time to take the next step. A good REALTOR® can help you understand your options.

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Your Real Estate Connection:
Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty
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Marina Gavrylyuk
Sales Representative
Sutton Group-Summit Realty Inc. Brokerage

1100 Burnhamthorpe Road West #27
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Attention Investors – VIP access to best Toronto Pre-construction Condos Sales

It was a long journey, but I finally got it in my pocket, VIP access to best Toronto Pre-construction condos sales events to serve my clients better. As you might be already aware, all pre-construction condo sales go through 3 distinct stages:

Exclusive VIP Membership
1. Stage I – VIP sales event – usually 1 day event, when the new pre-construction project gets released for sales for the first time – this is the most wanted opportunity for both investors and home buyers for a number of reasons:

 – Best choice and Unit Availability

– Great incentives, like full year of free property management, guaranteed rent, no maintenance fees for a specified time

– VIP freebies, like lockers, storage units at no charge

– VIP pricing

Only agents with VIP membership and their clients are granted access to this event. And I am one of the lucky few!

2. Stage II – Platinum Access – usually lasts for about a month, a stage where agents with Platinum Membership and their clients are given acees to the units still available after stage 1.

3. Stage III – General Public Access – this is where the access is given to everyone. Folks could just walk in from the street to the presentation center, get the paperwork signed and become a condo owner. Unfortunately on this Stage, public is no longer granted any VIP pricing, no freebies, and public gets to choose from the "left-overs". I actually know people, who lost money buying on this stage, but this is not the topic for now.

It does not take to be genius to figure out the obvious benefits of obtaining a property at the first stage.
Please, check out my following blog posts for the registration for upcoming VIP events.

People made fortunes investing in a Real Estate – so can you!

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Mississauga Townhomes for Sale

Interesting thing is happening on the Mississauga Real Estate Market recently – flippers are starting to go after Condo Townhouses. Average sale price for freehold homes went so high, that now it only becomes affordable for a long time flippers and large contractors, with substantial downpayments, deposits and freedom to offer with no conditions.
Do you thing this fact discouraged first time flippers or first time buyers looking to buy, renovate and stay? No way! Now they are really looking into a condo townhouses market, and so right they are!

Mississauga Townhomes for Sale

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Sherway Gardens Condo for Sale

One Sherway is a four tower condominium complex developed by Menkes and Great Gulf Homes. Towers I and II were completed in 2008.
One Sherway condominium complex, four immaculate towers, on one acre privately owned but publicly accessible park, located steps to one of Toronto's luxurious Shopping Mall Sherway Gardens and is minutes away from Hwy 427 and QEW. Residents also enjoy TTC & Mississauga transit at door step.
There are 35 properties currently available for sale at One Sherway

11 at 205 Sherway
6 at 215 Sherway
and 9 at each 225 and 235 Sherway

1. $267,800 (with 276.26 maintenance fee) will get you an excellent 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment

2. Starting from $268,500 (365.05 maintenance)  – 1 bedroom plus den

3. 2 bedroom + 1 bathroom start at $329,900

4. 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom start at $438,900 (455.04 maintenance)

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Real Estate Market Update – Toronto

It was a while since I the last market update. Am I getting lazy, carried away or getting enough "work" during the "working hours"?

According to Toronto Real Estate Board report we had an extremely busy July,  8,544 residential sales reported though MLS, this is a 16% increase compared to the last year.

“Last month's sales represented the best July result since 2009 and was the third best July result on record. Despite recent increases in average borrowing costs, home buyers are still finding affordable home ownership options in the GTA,” said Toronto Real Estate Board President Dianne Usher.

“We are a year removed from the onset of stricter mortgage lending guidelines and many households who put their decision to purchase a home on hold have reactivated their search. An increasing number of these households are getting deals done,” continued Ms. Usher.

Average selling rate came to $513 246, which is about 8% up compared to the last year.

“We are forecasting continued average price growth for the remainder of 2013 and through 2014 as well. Months of inventory for low-rise homes remains near record lows, suggesting that sellers’ market conditions will remain in place in the second half of 2013. An increase in listings in 2014 would lead to more balanced market conditions and a slower pace of price growth next year, albeit still above the rate of inflation,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Senior Manager of Market Analysis.

Sample Graph for W08, Eringate-Centennial

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Some More Mortgage Terms and Rates

Here are some more terms explained to stay sane in an ocean of mortgages. And the rates we are getting this week are as following:

3 Year Fixed Rate 2.95%

4 Year Fixed Rate 3.09%

5 Year Fixed Rate 3.39%

Variable rates: The interest rate on a variable-rate mortgage is tied to the bank’s prime rate. The prime rate, in turn, goes up and down according to the overnight rate, which is set by the Bank of Canada. A variable rate mortgage can typically be locked-in at a fixed rate, but sometimes there is a fee. Ask your lender for more details!

Fixed rates: These rates are locked in for the length of your term, and they tend to be higher, but you’re paying for peace of mind. The payments, and the amount of interest that you owe, will not change during the term. These rates are dictated by supply and demand in the bond market, which, in turn, is influenced by world events – anything from the European debt crisis to the health of the Chinese economy to the health of Canada’s manufacturing sector can push these rates up and down – that’s why it’s so difficult even for experts to know where rates are headed.

Open: An open mortgage means you can pay the mortgage down or off entirely at any time without any penalties. These typically carry a higher interest rate.

Closed: A closed mortgage means that you will be restricted to how much of the principal you can pay down ahead of schedule. Most mortgages allow what are known as pre-payments or extra payments towards the principal of about 20 per cent per year. Check with your lender for more details. Some mortgages allow you to double up on your payments.

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Lakeview, Mississauga – Real Estate Update

This week we are exploring the beauty of Lakeview  – wonderful neighborhood located on the South Side of Mississauga, West of Etobicoke with the border going by Etobicoke Creek. Northern border – Qeensway, Western Border – Cawthra and the South limit – Lake Ontario 🙂

 48 MLS entries were analyzed from June 21st to July 4th and got the following scenario:
Out of 48 total
Sold – 11: Below listed price – 6; over listed price – 4; sold as listed – 1
Available for sale:
Bungalows – 21 listings, with the price range starting at $375000 – ish 🙂
1 1/2 Storey – 5 listings, starting at $435000 and up
2-Storey – 9 listings, price range $500000 – 1700000
2 1/2 Storey – 2, price range $1450000 – 1600000

Lakeview, Mississauga is a home for Metro Grocery Store, beer store, the Lakeview Branch Public Library, Dixie Outlet Mall

3 high schools: Cawthra Park Secondary School, Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School, and St. Paul Secondary School.

Also Lakeview Golf Course and Toronto Golf Club

There are many lovely parks in the area: Serson Park, Village Park, Lakeview Park, but the 2 largest ones are Cawthra Park and Lakefront Promenade. More details on parks in my next post!