3 “solds” in 5 days


Slow market, slow market… 3 “solds” in 5 days. This is magic!


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Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary to all my friends, readers and supporters!

Hard to believe that my little project that started last year on June 25 is not a baby anymore! It is actually a full size toddler, with its own routine, circle of friends and a point of view.

In the last 365 days:

1. 357 posts were created! yes, I did miss a few days

2. Most popular series were: in first place, no doubt "Successful People from Our Neighborhood", I had and honor to meet and interview 31! truly amazing people. Their impact on my life is impossible to underestimate!

In second place, yes, don't laugh, "Foody Thursdays" – my recipe section. You, guys, sure love to eat! and now I am starting to think I actually can cook! 52 recipes were posted over this year, mainly traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

Most popular on Pinterest – "Houses in Art"! – 47!!!! amazing artists were introduced and even though, I love them all dearly, most popular was Laurent Parcelier!

Most views, funny enough – Real Estate Terms and Home Owner Tips! So glad I was able to help here!

3. I got awarded Top #1 Contributor for the province of Ontario on Active Rain for 2013-2014! And trust me, it was a tough competition!

4. Now looking back at the past year, I can say, thanks to the blog, I got some awesome deals done as a Real Estate agent, but truly, I got so much more out of it! I met amazing people, made lifetime friends, became a member of some wonderful clubs and associations, took part in brilliant events, got invited to parties and celebrations and learned, learned, learned – every day, every minute of this crazy, unbelievable and happy year.

Somebody famous once said that he could never be bothered with a blog, as in his posts he is trying to look better then he actually is. How stupid! What is so bad about trying to look better then you are? Just do your best to look as good as you possibly can and your inner part will surely follow!

Now, plans for the next year!

1. Restructuring my web-site! There is a lot of useful stuff there, but it is a little challenging to navigate.

2. Successful People from Our Neighborhood will go on! And hopefully I will grow into some video interviews! Wow, that would be fun!

3. Foody Thursday will go on!

4. Some new series will be introduced and hopefully will win your hearts

This is all for now but I am sure this is just a smaller part of what is to come next year! Stay tuned!


Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!


Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Jaan Pill, Teacher and Documentary Writer

True teachers never retire. Their passion to help and share the kindness of their hearts never goes away. Their wisdom and experience is always around for those in need. They step up with incredible generosity and support never expecting anything in return.
It is a great honor for me to introduce Jaan Pill, teacher, documentary writer, Jane's Walk Connector, blogger at Preserved Stories, loving father and husband, and caring neighbor.

Jaan Pill

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Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Ella Korotkin, Real Estate Law Clerk

Please, meet young and gorgeous Ella Korotkin, Law Clerk at Andrew Unger Professional Corporation, caring wife and loving mother. She knows the law, she sets the rules, she also…. hush-hush, don't tell anyone, makes beautiful jewelry when she has a spare minute. Honored to present – Ella!
Ella Korotkin

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Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Donna Child, Director of Art Gallery

Artists are funny folks – they know how to create beauty, but most of them have no idea how to deliver it to the admirers and supporters. Since 1978 Donna Child, director and owner of Artworld Fine Art, was leading young and quite established artists towards their success and popularity, at the same time helping art lovers to discover the wonder of art. In October 2013 Gallery expanded and moved into a new fabulous location at 365 Evans Ave, Toronto. Being a true impersonation of beauty herself, Donna is more then just a successful manager, she is a real soul and moving power of the Gallery. Donna kindly agreed to share some thoughts on modern art and challenges faced by the art galleries.


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Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Dave Cox, VP and Owner of Polaris Transportation Group

If you work in logistics and don't know who Dave Cox and Polaris Transportation are, there are only 2 options: you either haven't been in the field long enough or you are looking in the wrong direction. Dave hates being the center of attention and getting his permission for this publication wasn't easy. Running one of the largest and most successful transportation companies in North America, managing over 180 people, working 168 hours a week and always hiding from his well deserved round of applause – this is Dave!

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Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Susanna Yampolsky, Personal Trainer

My today's guest is carrying out a mission very noble, highly demanding and emotionally challenging. Susanna Yampolsky is a fitness personal trainer, prenatal and postnatal instructor, nutritionist, author of numerous health and fitness related articles. She helped many people with various health problems, including cancer, chronic fatigue, stroke, excessive or insufficient weight. Do you want to look great? Do you want to feel great? Ask Susanna how!

Style and beauty…