Foody Thursday – Beef Squares

I can bet your quests will never guess what are you serving them! Easy and fast to make, tasty and unusual – beef squares. Beef could be substituted with any other ground meat – turkey, chiken or even ground fish. As you would see on the pictures-  made by Alissa – yes, those tiny hands are not mine – so, you have no excuse for not trying them!

Foody Thursday - Beef Squares - Ready to go

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Foody Thursday – Cabbage Rolls – Holubtsi

I wanted to post this one for a long time, as cabbage rolls is one of the most known and loved Ukrainian foods. It might look like cooking cabbage rolls (Holubtsi in Ukrainian) is a complicated and time consuming process, but remember – logistics is the key. Carefully plan each activity and you will cut the time you spend on it tremendously.

Ready to Serve - Cabbage Rolls

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Foody Thursday – “Berry Baskets” Pastries – Корзинки (Korzynky)

Now sure about present time, but about 25 years ago you could buy this treat at every bakery department or store in Ukraine. They were about double the size compared to mine, no fresh berries, mixture of jam and grated nuts at the bottom and a mountain of whipped egg whites on top. Used to cost 22 kopijkas (small change in Ukraine). The name was "Korzynky" or "Koshychky" which is essencially "Baskets" in Ukrainian. Well, I have the commercial recipe, which I will share along with some changes we decided to make. Enjoy!

Foody Thursdays - Filled Tartlets

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Foody Thursday – “Syrna Zapikanka” – Ukrainian Cheese Casserole

I used to hate cottage cheese as a kid. And my Grandma used to say that if I don't eat it I would never grow and my bones would be all weak. See what happens here? I am almost 6 feet tall and I never broke a bone in my life. And now, like 30 years later I don't mind cottage cheese.

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Foody Thursday – “Rushnychok” Ukrainian Poppy Seed Roll

This is my Mom's favorite treat, and today is her B-Day! It would be just a shame not to bake it for her. Happy Birthday, Mom!
"Rushnyk" or "Rushnychok" is essentially a towel, but a very special kind. It is only used for special occasions and rituals, embroidered and decorated, and is considered to be the safeguard for the family, being passed from generation to generation. It takes a tremendous amount of time and patience to make a Rushnyk. The special bread we are making today is called "Rushnychok" since it is decorated to resemble Rushnyk. Hope you enjoy it!

Poppy Seed Roll

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Foody Thursday – Traditional Easter Bread – Paska

We usually bake Paska either on Thursday or on Saturday before Easter Sunday. This is a type of sweet bread that requires from the baker utter concentration, precision, positive attitude. Dont you even try to make Paska without a prayer on your mind. But if you start the process with light heart – results would be very rewarding.


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Foody Thursday – Ukrainian Style Stir-Fry

I've sent offers, booked showings for tonight and enjoying the break – posting what I cooked and eating what I am posting at the same time. It is kinda challenging – I need the third hand, or type with one just one hand, or learn to eat handsfree – may be should watch my dog 🙂 Here is what my family eating tonight – Ukrainian Style Stir-Fry. Ya-ya, don't roll your eyes, I just made it up.

Buckweat Stir Fry

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