Pink House – Story Continues, and truly amazing it is!

After the story of the pink house was published earlier this year, I received an e-mail that reads as following:
"Hey Marina:  Came across your blog, nice to see my family's house THE PINK HOUSE included with such odd and widely spread out property.  I am the builder's great great grandson, my family still owns the house and I was just there for a visit last week!
The real story of the house is as or more interesting than the fictions that surround it"
The writer's name is Jay Woelfel and he kindly agreed to share the true story with you, my friends! Grab a cup of hot chocolate (it is COLDDDDD outside) and get ready for an amazing story shared by Jay!

Pink House Front

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Unusual Houses of the World – Vorontsov Palace

Located in Alupka, Crimea, Vorontsov Palace is one of the most romantic and beautiful places to visit in Europe. There is a lot being said about Vorontsov Palace in numerous tourist's guides, sites, its pictures circulate as postcards all over the world.
I was blessed to spend wonderful 3 month in Alupka when I was 17 – unforgettable times and adventures worth dedicating a whole book to it. I might do it later when my English is not this lame :), but today – only the Palace part.


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