Back from Montreal – sharing impressions

I was catching up for over a week after coming back from Montreal. This is a "beauty" of being your own boss – noone tells you what to do but then noone will jump in to help when you are taking your crazily ambitious and competetive child to meets and competitions. But anyways, we are back to normal and I've got some time to share pictures and impressions

College Notre Dame

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Visiting Pinery – Sunset in Grand Bend

This is also a family tradition now – dinner at sunset in Grand Bend. We discovered an amazing little restaurant this year, with great menu and pleasant stuff. But guess what kids eat – sure, fish-n-chips for the older and chicken fingers for the younger. But since it is just once a year – no problem, even combined with gallons of pop.

Grand Bend

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Ice Cream of Pinery

Ice Cream of Pinery deserves a post of its own. And I don't even like ice-cream. And consuming ice-cream by gallon is something totally out of range for me.
But seriously, if you've been in Pinery and did not try the ice-cream – you haven't been in Pinery. And if you think you know ice-cream, but you haven't tried the ice-cream of Pinery – you know nothing about ice-cream.
What is this I was talking about? Oh, well, let's see….

Ice Cream
So, this is the secret place, where you can get the best ice cream ever

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