Be Sensible When it Comes to Scents

Sniff, sniff. “What is that smell?”

That is definitely not the reaction you want a potential buyer to have when they view your house.

The problem with common household scents – from family pets, preferred cooking styles, smoking, or even hobbies such as model-making – is that we get accustomed to them. However, someone who enters the house for the first time will notice these aromas right away.

So, before a viewing appointment or open house, be sure household scents are under control. A good airing usually does the trick.

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Travelling with Pets – Tisha’s Camping Adventure

Traveling with pets can be a real pain in the neck, especially when they are hyperactive, especially when they are young, playful and hyperactive, and even more so, when they are young, playful, hyperactive cocker-spaniels. It is very well known, that cockers are a cross-breed of a dog, a monkey and a kangaroo.    Tisha is a 5-year old boy, possessing all of the above features, will kiss you to death shall you try to rob my house and is mortally afraid of our cat Eddy.

Tisha goes for a walk

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Eddy – Our Furry Friends

In one of my previous posts I mentioned, that home for us is not just bricks and mortar, not just the roof and wall, but also, the soul of the house, good people, smell of freshly baked bread and of course our dear furry friends, who make our lives so full, so complete.
Today I would like to introduce our cat – Eddy and tell his unusual story.
Here is Eddy, but not everyone would dare to call him this name. We normally call him Edward, Edward Bruce von Schroeder!

Eddy_tough personality

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Please, Don’t Let the Cat Out – you gotta be kidding me!

Not sure about some of my colleagues Realtors but this note on the listing is totally stressing me out, right to the point where I am thinking I should not even bother showing the home.

dont let the cat out

Don't take me wrong, I love pets, I am a happy owner of a cat and a dog.
Also, just a few years ago I used to own an absolutely crazy angora cat, who used to hide around the corner and fly out the door with a speed of the lightning a soon as someone would come in. Since then I have a fear of inadequate cats.
Going with the client for the showing there are a lot of things to worry about but chasing mental pets down the street. Yes, I agree, most of the times this is just overfed, sleepy kitty, too heavy to even get up, but seriously, is there a way to just keep them away for an hour or so?
It is not such a big issue with me – all I have to worry about is my reputation. If the seller sets the rules – I am trying my best to follow. And I would imagine, the seller would be pretty upset if his beloved pet escapes. But also, try to keep in mind, that for some cultures and religions certain pets aren't a very desirable companion and your chances of selling a house where the pet is present are substantially going down, especially in certain areas.
So, as they say at the rail road stations – for your own safety and protection, please, stay back of the yellow line, or follow some simple rules to make sure your house sells as fast as possible and for the best possible price:

For the agent previews, showings and open houses:

1. Keep your pets out of the house, doesn't matter if they are the size of the mouse or a grizzly bear

2. If there is no way of removing the pet – please, crate them, for their own good, as noone will step on them or accidentally let them out. Usually you get a  call in advance for all the showings, so pick a time convenient for you to make sure your pet is not suffering in a crate for longer then needed

3. Pets' bowls, litter trays, leashes, beds, baskets, etc must go away for the time of showings;

4. Please, make sure there is no smell, as an owner you might be used to it, but for the possible home buyer cat's  or dog's or bird's smell might be quite overwhelming

5. Keep all pet's food in the airtight containers and away from sight.

Pretty simple, right? Happy showing and happy and quick house sale for you and your beloved furry friends!